Contemporary Christian Music

Debra Black – God In Every Season

Debra Black God In Every Season Debra Black Music (released August 2014) By Bob Marovich On God In Every Season, Atlanta-based singer-songwriter Debra Black offers up worship songs in a voice that is very easy on the ears and arrangements that are laden with pleasant pop melodies. Black’s voice blends Sarah McLachlan sweetness with the no-nonsense country of Faith Hill, and her lyrics are uniformly positive and warm, the product of a gentle, introspective soul. Praise to a God who is a constant companion sums up the acoustic “I Will Exalt,” and complete surrender to Jesus is the subject ...

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Wincey – Time to Say

  Wincey Time to Say Winceyco Music (2012) By Bob Marovich for The Black Gospel Blog. “I’m musically inclined to sing the songs that glorify.” So croons singer-songwriter Wincey Terry-Bryant on the title track of her self-produced Time to Say, an album she began recording in 2008. The songs, she writes on her website, were birthed out of a time of “heartbreaks and disappointments in and out of the music industry” that led to a disillusionment that sounds straight out of Emily Dickinson: “Resigning myself to accept the consolation prize that I considered to be my life.”  Wincey continued to ...

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