Gospel Jazz

Jay Bratten – Hymns My Way

Jay Bratten Hymns My Way Jay Bratten 2014 www.cdbaby.com/cd/jaybratten By Bob Marovich for The Black Gospel Blog On Hymns My Way, bassist Jay Bratten, his fellow musicians, and a team of guest vocalists offer an hour of instrumental and vocal rearrangements of well-known hymns and gospels that represent the foundation of church music.  The album chugs along from one track to the next, alternating between smooth jazz, new age, easy listening, fusion, and contemporary gospel.  The blend works despite the variation in styles. “Leanin’,” known also as “What a Fellowship,” is a pick-me-upper with an Earth Wind & Fire meets ...

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Elain Thomas – Songs in the Key of Jazz

Elain Thomas Songs in the Key of Jazz (2013) www.reverbnation.com/elainthomas By Bob Marovich for The Black Gospel Blog Despite the well-worn argument about “devil’s music” vs. “God’s music,” gospel and jazz and blues—and now rock, soul, R&B and pop—are intertwined, fruits from the same musical tree.  Elain Thomas’ self-produced Songs in the Key of Jazz employs a smooth jazz patina, and a dab of small combo intimacy, to express inspirational messages through this popular medium. Thomas’s vocals are breezy, light, relaxed.  Sometimes she likes to leap around the stave, hitting notes with staccato force like a hammer to a xylophone, as ...

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“I Come To You” – Silletthia Hill

“I Come To You” Silletthia Hill Some Mystique Music (2014) www.somemystiquemusic.com Backed by a robust choir, Atlanta’s Silletthia Hill weaves compelling bluesy melismatic runs over a gently rolling melody punctuated by a warbling organ.   “I Come To You,” written by Brian Cosby, is a pledge of complete and total service to the Lord because of His grace and mercy.  It builds from quiescence to majestic exuberance.  The choir is extraordinary. Hill honed her skills singing background for Vanessa Bell Armstrong and James Bignon, and in the gospel group Inspiration, with her sisters Florence Smith, Anita Hill, and Kutania Ingram. ...

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