“He Walked Alone (The Story of Jesus)” – Chris Jasper

“He Walked Alone (The Story of Jesus)” Chris Jasper From the forthcoming Gold City Music CD Inspired Isley Jasper Isley alumnus Chris Jasper is no stranger to writing and singing sacred music. “He Walked Alone (The Story of Jesus)” is Jasper’s brief musical biography of Jesus from birth to crucifixion. A tender James Taylor-style ballad with a soulful conclusion, “He Walked Alone” gets Jasper’s high tenor treatment throughout. Available as a download on CDBaby and other media outlets, the song is a good choice to play during the Easter Season.

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“Surrender” – Carla Martin

“Surrender” Carla Martin 5:11 Music Group (2011) With a rocking beat that speeds along like a brakeless freight train, “Surrender” riffs on the irony that in the midst of trials, it is in surrendering that life begins. Don’t give up, she sings, give in. First place winner at the 2002 McDonald’s Gospelfest, Evangelist Carla Martin now lives in Orlando, Florida and is married with seven (!) children. Her voice is reminiscent of Cher’s no-nonsense alto, which is appropriate to the content and message of the single.

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CD Single: “Can’t Break Us” – DJ Morph feat. Frontlynaz

Can’t Break Us” DJ Morph feat. Frontlynaz From the CD International Adullam House 2008 More Holy Hip Hop from Frontlynaz, but this time, they assist the Chicago-born and now South Florida native DJ Morph with his single, “Can’t Break Us” from Morph’s fifth CD, International. “Can’t Break Us” is HHH versus the record labels and the music industry for all but ignoring the style despite its popularity, the artists’ professionalism and the dues they’ve paid, as well as its Christian-centered message. On the other hand, being ignored might not be so bad. “I don’t care if the labels won’t sign ...

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