Spoken Word

Trisha Alicia – Pieces

Trisha Alicia Pieces New Day Christian Distributors (2016) www.trishalicia.com By Bob Marovich Martrisha Atkins (aka Trisha Alicia) is a singer-songwriter and spoken word artist whose album, Pieces, is a string of selections designed to tell a story—her story—not so much to achieve personal catharsis, though I’m sure it does, but more so to help others better understand their own story. With the notable exception of the title track, one of the album’s lyrical high points, don’t expect Trisha to hand her story to you on a silver platter. Instead, she offers droplets of truths throughout the album, which on its ...

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Fannie Lou Hamer – Songs My Mother Taught Me

Fannie Lou Hamer Songs My Mother Taught Me Smithsonian Folkways Recordings (release date: June 30, 2015) www.folkways.si.edu By Bob Marovich While it took a recent act of domestic terror for the polarizing Confederate flag to begin coming down throughout the South, let us not forget that much of the way was paved more than a half-century ago by such freedom fighters as Fannie Lou Hamer. Hamer, who died in 1977 at age 59, is renowned for her leadership in the Civil Rights movement and specifically for her work with the Mississippi Freedom Party. Equally well known, albeit a sidebar to ...

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JGM’s Bob Marovich Interviewed for Kennedy Center Podcast

JGM Editor-in-Chief Bob Marovich was interviewed for this podcast on gospel music and the Civil Rights movement. Professor Robert Darden of Baylor University, Dwandalyn Reese of the Smithsonian Institution, and Professor Birgitta Johnson of the University of South Carolina School of Music are also interviewed for this podcast, part of the Kennedy Center’s ArtsEdge education program.  Richard Paul produced. Click on the image at left to hear or download a free copy of the audio podcast (episode 3).  

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