“A Little Longer” – Nancey Jackson Johnson

“A Little Longer”
Nancey Jackson Johnson
From the Camdon CD
The Heart of Nancey Jackson Johnson(2014)
I have been enamored of Nancey Jackson Johnson’s voice and dramatic take on a song ever since hearing her sing “Lead Me to the Rock” on Rev. Stef & Jubilation’s 2006 The Launch Out Project.  Since then, Nancey has recorded with Donnie McClurkin and Judith Christie McAllister, and now she is on her own.
“A Little Longer” is a prayer/soliloquy of thanksgiving.  Its recitative enables Nancey to explore a range of emotions, from simple beseeching to heart-wrenching intensity.  When she sings God’s response, it’s a touching father-like request: “you don’t have to do a thing, just be with me a little longer.”  The ending has the stately simplicity of a hymn.  Passionate and powerful. 
See Nancey perform the song in the studio.

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