CD Review: Bishop Leonard Scott – “Hymns for the Nation”

Bishop Leonard Scott – “Hymns for the Nation” (Tyscot 2004)

There are some projects that I especially enjoy reviewing, and this is one of them. Bishop Leonard Scott’s “Hymns for the Nation” not only features an all-star cast, including Albertina Walker, DeAndre Patterson, and Nicki Ross-Turnley, but also showcases old school gospel in a way that pays homage to its traditional roots while draping it in sufficiently modern arrangements to render the performances enjoyable to old and new school gospel music aficionados alike.

Outstanding tracks on this remarkable project include Walker’s splendid, singing-is-second-nature work on “Even Me,” DeAndre Patterson’s sanctified reading of “Oh How I Love Jesus,” and the ten-minute “Hymn Medley,” during which Bishop Scott leads the Mount Pleasant Choir in energetic, hand-clapping versions of “Glad to be in the Service,” “Woke Up this Morning,” and “Highway to Heaven,” the latter the best of the three. Nicki Ross-Turnley’s vocals on “I’m a Soldier” are equally effervescent, and Bishop Clifford Johnson’s assurances that “We’re Gonna Have a Good Time” are as convincing as they come.

“Hymns for the Nation” is a non-stop, rollicking, feel-good CD from beginning to end, reminiscent of the days when people didn’t just have church, they had ‘ch-u-ch.’

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