CD Review – Charlene Moore: As You Are I Must Be

As You Are I Must Be
Charlene Moore
Committed Records CR101CD

Having recently complimented Charlene Moore on her inspired keyboard work for Gene Viale’s new project, A Light to This World, little did I know that this minister’s daughter from the Bay Area was also a gifted vocalist. Sure enough, her project As You Are I Must Be demonstrates that Moore is all about singing. Her soulful alto voice decorates songs that feature memorable, radio-friendly melodies and well-crafted arrangements. The CD’s production and mixing admirably spotlight all of the voices on the project without minimizing the instrumental backdrop.

For my money, the best tracks on the project are the soul-tinged “Next Stop is Heaven,” an introspective, laid-back song vocally reminiscent of the back-to-the-day work of gospel artists such as Roy Tyler and Canadian bretheren like Danny Brooks. The urban remix of “Stealing Your Joy” features a brief rap by Chris Perkins of the Bay Area gospel rap duo Chris & Chubby. The rap is so well done that it could have gone on even longer, or been reprised elsewhere in the remix.

Ms. Moore’s music resume is quite extensive. For example, she’s the musician for the Living Springs Christian Fellowship in Oakland, and serves on the musical staff of the Northern California Chapter of the Gospel Music Workshop of America. She is the newly selected musician for the Northern California – James Cleveland Chorale, and assistant musical director of The Restoration Choir of the City of Refuge United Church of Christ in San Francisco, under the leadership of Bishop Yvette Flunder.

Given the number of CDs I review, it is difficult to find time to listen to most of them more than once. But As You Are I Must Be is one I will definitely listen to again and again, and so will you.

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