CD Review: Whatever Brought You Out – Alton Woodley, Jr. and Percy Carter, Jr. (Perseverance, 2004)

Hailing originally from Chicago’s West Side, Percy Carter, Jr. and Alton Woodley, Jr. recently released Whatever Brought You Out on Perseverance Records. This is a very pleasant project, fun to listen to, and the melodies are memorable long after the CD stops spinning. This is not surprising, as both Carter and Woodley (who is legally blind) have lengthy musical resumes that include tours in both sacred and secular music.

Consummate professionals, Carter and Woodley perform extremely well together. Although their vocal toolkit does not include the drama and melismatic acrobatics characteristic of sanctified singers, their baritone voices are appealing and mix nicely. As a result, they keep the focus on the quality of the melodies instead of the capabilities of the singers. The duo sounds consistently cool from track to track while the instrumental accompaniment jumps behind them.

With its infectious melody and lyrics, the song “Whatever Brought You Out” is the highlight of the five-track CD and best demonstrates the duo’s easy-going musical manner. I know singing gospel music is not as effortless as Carter and Woodley make it sound, but these guys sure do make it sound like a walk in the park. That’s a sure sign of talent.

Grade = A-

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