“I Am So Grateful” – Kevan Peabody feat. Thomas Cryer II & Anndretta Lyle

kevan peabody“I Am So Grateful”
Kevan Peabody
feat. Thomas “Tasche” Cryer II &Anndretta Lyle
Twinkemp Productions (2015)

Gospel music veteran Kevan Peabody presents “I Am So Grateful,” a lively mid-tempo composition with traces of the Gloria Griffin-led “I’m So Grateful” made popular by the Roberta Martin Singers.

Thomas “Tasche” Cryer II gives the song a straightforward reading, allowing Anndretta Lyle to provide the vocal fireworks.

Now living in the Bay Area, Peabody recalls growing up in St. Louis listening to Martha Bass render “I’m So Grateful” to appreciative congregations.  While this is essentially a new song with a thoroughly contemporary setting, Peabody keeps the Roberta Martin Singers’ original exhortation of gratitude in play.

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