JGM Pick of the Week: February 14, 2017

James Douglas feat. LeJuene Thompson
From the forthcoming project Still I Praise

It could be intimidating for some artists to have a fiery singer like LeJuene Thompson on their single, but James Douglas proves an equally effective vocalist on “Testify.”

“Testify” is as it sounds: despite having his name scandalized, despite going through the fire and the flood, and even despite the prospect of “throwing in the towel,” which in context sounds like a contemplation of suicide, Douglas declares that every time, God “made a way somehow.”

Moaning her way into the song’s vamp, Thompson gives her testimony of how God “delivered me from the power of darkness.” The bluesy foundation set by the musicians and background vocalists is an ideal medium for both singers to improvise their expression of gratitude on having been rescued by a good God.

From Bennettsville, South Carolina, Douglas released “Testify” last December and was subsequently named Artist of the Month by the Akademia Music Awards. Thompson, a North Carolinian and former member of Donald Lawrence’s Tri-City Singers, was dubbed “The Diva in Waiting” by Billboard. Together, they strike quite a chord.

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