“Let It Go” – Evangelist Brenda Whitt-Abney & Bones of Fire

brenda-whitt-abney-2“Let It Go”
Evangelist Brenda Whitt-Abney
& Bones of Fire
(private release, 2016)

Many sing about God as a doctor in a sickroom.  In the case of “Let It Go,” His intercession can prevent an ulcer.

Aiken, South Carolina’s Evangelist Brenda Whitt-Abney & Bones of Fire (a great group name!) recommend that listeners let go of the hating and the disagreements, the trouble that churns up all those stomach acids that can lead to an ulcer, and give it to God, who will fix it.

Whitt-Abney leads this mixed group in a husky voice that leaves no doubt of her belief in this message, all patted down into a slow southern-soul quartet jam.  She co-wrote the song with Elder Larry Abney, member of the quartet Brothers In Unity.

The group released a full-length project, Wasted Tears, back in 2013.

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