Single Review: “You’ve Been So Good” – Neal Roberson (Blackberry, 2004)

A native of Durant, Mississippi who now serves as senior pastor of Victorious Christian Worship Center in Rockford, Illinois, Cornelius “Neal” Roberson is a talented minister, singer, songwriter, and a very funny master of ceremonies. I had the good fortune of seeing him in action a couple of times at the Gospel Music Workshop of America in Kansas City this past August, and enjoyed his instantly likeable personality, self-deprecating humor, and genuine affection for people. From the uproarious laughter and applause that accompanied his commentary, it was evident that others felt the same.

Taken from Roberson’s new CD on Blackberry Records, My Story My Testimony, the single “You’ve Been So Good” captures perfectly Roberson’s ebullient personality and boundless energy, right down to his high “whooo” exclamations at the recording’s conclusion. Listen to it a couple of times and the melodic hook, “You’ve been so good to me” will be planted firmly and comfortably in your mind, on your lips, in your feet, and in your heart.

Grade = A

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