Warriors “Work it Out” for Katrina Victims

I lament that most of today’s gospel music does not take a stand on political and social issues in the way that gospel artists from the ’40s to the ’70s had done. While this isn’t quite the rage-against-the-machine that I am suggesting, “Work It Out – The Katrina Remix” is at least an effort to harness the power of gospel music to comment on the country’s current social tragedy.

And of course, wouldn’t you know it — it’s one of the gospel pioneers that has taken the first step. Way to go, Dr. Hayes and the Warriors!

Now, who will record a song that comments on the way poor people were ignored in the wake of the storm?

This, from The Belle Report:

Chicago, IL — Today, ICEE Inspirational releases a special remix of “Work It Out” – The Katrina Mix.” This latest version of the nation’s top-rated inspirational song continues to dominate radio and even made it over to adult urban radio. The “Katrina Remix” tells the story of how Jesus is still working it out for the many who continue to rebound from the tragic incident in the Gulf-Coast region. The song is on the desk of all radio programmers.

Last month, ICEE donated $1 for each album sold to benefit the victims of Hurricane Katrina and just a few weeks ago, Dr. Charles Hayes & The Warriors and others donated their time in a benefit concert in Chicago, IL. All proceeds benefited those in the music industry-radio, retail, clubs, etc. who have had to migrate to northern cities from the Gulf area to rebuild their lives. The event was also designed to create a support system in financial raising funds to give them assistance.

“The song itself lends itself to encouragement in that no matter what you’re going through, Jesus can work it out,” says Dr. Charles White-CEO Inspirational. “The song is such a phenomenon and we hope that it will be a blessing to all.”

ICEE Inspirational’s latest release by Dr. Charles G. Hayes & The Warriors has sold out in every store in Chicago and continues to be the number one inspirational song in America. Already the #1 song on various radio stations including Chicago’s WVAZ and WGCI, “Work It Out – The Remix” – continues to get over 600 spins a week

ICEE Inspirational, a division of ICEE Records, who has impressively established a solid role in the independent record community, is introducing the latest project from this dynamic powerhouse, “THE REMIX”.

TBGB here: Thanks to Sheilah Belle for keeping all of us updated on gospel music news.

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