Aldrea Sanford Lenox of Lockhart Singers, Tommies, Norwood Singers Dies

Lockhart Singers on Vee Jay

Lockhart Singers. Aldrea Sanford Lenox is in the middle, top row.

JGM learned today of the passing of Aldrea Sanford Lenox.

Aldrea was a member of the Lockhart Singers of Chicago, the Thompson Community Singers, the Dorothy Norwood Singers, and the Jessy Dixon Singers.

Her husband, the late Pastor James Lenox, was also a mighty singer in the Church of God in Christ.  Their children, Annette “Queenie,” Pastor Lamont, and the late Kelvin, followed their parents into gospel music.

The Lenoxes are one of gospel music’s legendary families. Aldrea will be missed by family, friends, and members of the Greater Holy Temple COGIC in Chicago, where she was a member.  Homegoing information will be forthcoming as it is known.

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