“I Survived” – Marquis Jelks

“I Survived”
Marquis Jelks
Available on iTunes
Accompanied only by warm, warbling B3 organ, Marquis Jelks delivers “I Survived” in the conversational singing style that goes back nearly as far as gospel music itself.
A sung testimony in the mode of “I’m Still Here” and “I Can’t Complain,” “I Survived” has that church solo vibe.  Jelks’s elastic voice makes it all the more so.  The only thing missing is the live audience clapping, standing, and shouting encouragement to Jelks as he sings his troubles over.
From Decatur, Illinois, Marquis R. Jelks is Founder and CEO of the Song Factory, a business that gives singers, writers, and musicians an opportunity to share their music with artists looking for new songs and talent in the music world.  He also heads the gospel group Marquis Jelks and Ministry.  “I Survived” is the first official release from the Song Factory.

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