JGM Christmas Pick of the Week: December 22, 2014

tarralyn ramsey 001 (637x640)“Tis the Season for Miracles”
Tarralyn Ramsey
Nylarrat/Heartstrings Music (2014)

Tarralyn Ramsey translates the wonderment of Christmas  into a word of encouragement to people who don’t need presents under the tree—they need real miracles in their lives.

Embellishing the melodramatic melody with melismatic runs from the Whitney Houston toolkit, Ramsey reminds the downhearted to keep steadfast in their belief: “Tis the season for miracles, tis the season for breakthrough.” Ramsey launches a note towards the end that is so high it may have taken out a star or two on its trajectory northward.

Tarralyn Ramsey is a recording artist and the winner of the 2013 VH1 Born to Diva contest.  She enjoyed modest success on the popular The Voice (2009) and X Factor (2012) competition TV shows. Emboldened by accolades from those programs, she continues to press forward in her singing ministry.

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