JGM Pick of the Week: April 20, 2015

voices of testimony“But God”
Pastor Judge Gardner Jr. presents
The Voices of Testimony Ensemble

Who can resist a hand-clapping choir rouser, Chicago style? I sure can’t.

“But God” by the Voices of Testimony Ensemble from the Living Testimony Church on Chicago’s Southeast Side (Judge Gardner Jr., Pastor) satisfies the appetite for a pulse-quickening pewburner. Lead vocalist Lil’ Harry sings, shouts, and wails his gratitude for God’s faithfulness in his life as the choir repeats his lines and at the end chants “But God” with metronomic steadiness like the Chicago Mass Choir. “I could have been dead, sleeping in my grave…but God!”

The choir’s debut single is the first release from its forthcoming album, Healing For You, which is scheduled for release this December.

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