JGM Pick of the Week: September 21, 2015

love vs the world“Love Vs. the World”
Xavier O’Connor
Testimony Records (2015)

With its finger-popping beat and modern big band sound, “Love Vs. the World” pits protagonist Xavier O’Connor against a variety of anthropomorphic emotions, including jealousy, fear, and hate, that invade his space like comic book villains.

But alas, just as Jesus defeated Satan, our man whips the negative emotions with that crazy little thing called love.

Xavier O’Connor hails from Delray Beach, Florida. A product of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, O’Connor took classical music lessons, and attended a fine arts high school and Oakwood College. He wrote, produced, recorded, and sings “Love Vs. the World,” which is the title track of his sophomore album on his own imprint, Testimony Records.

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