“Step Back, Watch God Move” – Minister R.L. Taylor and the Sons of the Father

“Step Back, Watch God Move”
Minister R. L. Taylor and the Sons of the Father
Independent (release date: November 1, 2015)

A song that just aches for quartet choreography.

To a loping backbeat, “Step Back, Watch God Move” teaches that when problems get too tough for you to handle, just let God take over.

The chorus hook, “step back, just wait, and watch God move,” offers an ideal pantomime opportunity for the Sons of the Father to do in live performance, especially at the end of the song, when the group and Minister Taylor engage in some slightly syncopated call-and-response work.

Lyrically, “Step Back, Watch God Move” is first cousin to Joe Pace and the Colorado Mass Choir’s recording from 1996, “Watch God Move.”

From Arlington, Texas, Minister R. L. Taylor and the Sons of the Father were named the Male Quartet Group of the Year at the 2016 Rhythm of Gospel Awards ceremony, held in Memphis, Tennessee last summer.

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