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JGM Pick of the Week: November 19, 2019

“Happy” Edward “Busta” Fields & Friends DarkChild Gospel / BF Sounds Music (release date: April 21, 2019) By Bob Marovich Edward “Busta” Fields & Friends’ new single “Happy” is not a gospelized version of the Pharrell Williams hit from 2013 but a declaration that “holiness is right” and that all happiness comes through faithfulness to the Lord. Produced by Bubby Fann and Richard “Tubbs” Smith, this earnest pledge of discipleship blends today’s extroverted Millennial gospel sound with fundamental workshop choir techniques. Fields’ attractively husky baritone shifts from melodic to gruff to full-on shout as the song, propelled by smooth-singing background ...

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New Jersey’s Henry Hall Declares Dominion Over New Live Project

By Bob Marovich “I want to give people a sense of empowerment that they can do whatever it is they have in their heart to do,” Henry Hall said about the purpose of his new live recording, Declaration of Dominion. Hall might well have been talking about himself.  His own life is a lesson in striving to be all one can be. Born across the Delaware River from Philadelphia in Camden, New Jersey, Hall lost his mother when he was just eleven years old. By age twelve, he and the rest of his family started attending church. Their worship home was ...

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