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JGM Music Hour: Episode 140

Episode 140 Playlist Do you know him – Fantastic Bibletones Rain down on me – Vetrea Slack Ruffin Saved – April Hall Not yet – Donnie McClurkin Leave it alone – Alvin Darling Yes God is real – Ray Holland & New Boyz of Triumph Stop by here – Elain Thomas Happy – Edward Busta Fields & Friends Okay – Rahdyah Renee Worthy – New Heart Band You deserve – Angela Moss Poole Everlasting Covenant – Don Rutherford We all one people – Whosoever South feat. KJ-52

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Don Rutherford – Chronicles 16

Don Rutherford Chronicles 16 Thousand Generations Records (release date: January 19, 2019) www.donrutherfordmusic.net By Bob Marovich Hearing Don Rutherford’s Chronicles 16 reminded me of the concept albums produced in the 1970s by Canadian rock band Rush. This was confirmed with the one-two punch intro to the album’s “Canaan / The Few,” which evokes the opening to Rush’s 2112. Rutherford’s Christian concept album, subtitled “A Psalm in Rock,” is a clever conceit, a rock oratorio based on David’s Psalm of Thanksgiving in 1 Chronicles 16 (King James Version). A hard-charging rhythm section, screaming guitar solos, and ever-shifting motifs are reminiscent of ...

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