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“Come Back” – Elain Thomas

“Come Back” Elain Thomas From the EP Transformations Independent (release date: October 6, 2020) www.reverbnation.com/elainthomas By Robert M. Marovich Anchored by bold and insistent Brazilian percussion, “Come Back” is Elain Thomas’s finest single to date. It’s a rhythmic rumination on God’s constancy, a conversation between the self-styled jazz psalmist and her Savior. In her resonant contralto, Thomas delivers the Lord’s declaration, “Backslider, you belong to me,” not as a command but as a given. Many songs lasting two-and-a-half minutes are fine where they are, but “Come Back” could have gone on much longer without any loss of listener interest.

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JGM Music Hour: Episode 140

Episode 140 Playlist Do you know him – Fantastic Bibletones Rain down on me – Vetrea Slack Ruffin Saved – April Hall Not yet – Donnie McClurkin Leave it alone – Alvin Darling Yes God is real – Ray Holland & New Boyz of Triumph Stop by here – Elain Thomas Happy – Edward Busta Fields & Friends Okay – Rahdyah Renee Worthy – New Heart Band You deserve – Angela Moss Poole Everlasting Covenant – Don Rutherford We all one people – Whosoever South feat. KJ-52

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Elain Thomas – About That Life: Healing and Restoration, Volume 1

Elain Thomas About That Life: Healing and Restoration, Volume 1 (release date: June 18, 2019) By Bob Marovich Elain Thomas’s About That Life: Healing and Restoration, Volume 1 is a concept album of introspective and ostensibly autobiographical selections. The songs’ lyrics of praise and worship are not generalities; they hint at Thomas’s gratitude for overcoming real-life tribulations. The relaxed mood, on the other hand, suggests that Thomas is able to step back and reflect on how she got to rather than still working her way through. References to personal trials and joys are heard most explicitly on “So Much.” Thomas ...

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