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JGM Music Hour – Episode 152

Episode 152 Playlist Pick you back up – Michael David Harrison feat. Beverly Crawford Wait – Kevan Peabody Pull together – Roy & Revelation Residue – Jason Nelson Issues of my heart – Latisha Johnson Montgomery Keeper – De’Leon Carr feat. Duranice Pace We need you – Titus Showers Heal our land – Oscar Williams & Band of Life The ride – Bryan Andrew Wilson You are holy – Katy Crawford Remember me – Eleanor Dubinsky You kept me – Luther Barnes & Restoration Worship Center Choir Get ready – Darwin Hobbs Thank you Jesus – Chrysann Moore

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JGM Pick of the Week: March 16, 2021

“Remember Me” Eleanor Dubinsky Touch the Sky LLC (release date: March 12, 2021) By Robert M. Marovich Based on a true story, “Remember Me” was written by Sally Ponzio, her brother Frank Ponzio, and Eleanor Dubinsky, though the most critical contributor was Sally’s late son, Travis. Six months after Travis succumbed to an overdose, Sally was driving when she heard his voice saying “Fly high, fly free / Spread your wings / Remember me.” She pulled over, wrote the words he spoke on a napkin, and presented them to Frank, a jazz musician and composer. Frank, in turn, recruited his ...

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