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Hostyle Gospel – Hostyle Takeover

Hostyle Gospel Hostyle Takeover (release date: October 14, 2016) www.hostylegospel.com By Bob Marovich Hostyle Gospel, the Christian hip hop trio from Champaign, Illinois, is back with its fourth release, Hostyle Takeover. This fourteen-cut album finds the collective persistent in its quest to blot out evil, with the “takeover” being a call to overturn a world based on hierarchy, not the content of one’s character or God-given ability. If we didn’t know already, the album’s Travon Martin-themed “Skittles & Iced Tea” exposes a whole lot of contemporary evil in the guises of racism, discrimination, hatred, and murder, with African American males as ...

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Genesis of a Gospel Song: “Amazing” – Tiff Joy

Tiff Joy, as told to Bob Marovich: I knew I wanted to do something ministry-wise, but I didn’t know if it was going to be preaching or music. It was probably during my late years at Rich South High School in Richton Park, Illinois, when I started to connect with music and knew that it was something that I would do. I was with a group called Tony Tidwell & Uncommon Favor for a couple of years. We were going to do a record—we didn’t actually go through with it—but I wrote a song for the record called “Thank You.” ...

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RIP Eddie Williams, Gospel Pianist and Songwriter

By Bob Marovich JGM heard from Anthony Heilbut (“The Gospel Sound,” “The Fan Who Knew Too Much”) and gospel singers Ron Barrett and Darryl Reed that gospel songwriter and pianist Eddie Williams passed away. Williams, an accompanist for the Caravans, authored the famous Chicago group’s big hit, “Lord Keep Me Day by Day.” Later, Williams organized the Crusaders, a New York-based group that recorded for Savoy Records. Heilbut reported that Williams was raised in Robbins, Illinois, also the home of singer Delores Washington, whom he introduced to the Caravans. Williams’ piano style, Heilbut added, was “rollicking but subtler…and less heavy-handed” ...

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