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December 23 Virtual Christmas Concert “Songs of Hope” to Benefit Haiti

From a press release: This holiday season in partnership with e-Camp Mentoring and the Black Rose of Durham Radio, both from Canada, Cloud Records of Philadelphia is sponsoring a free virtual Christmas concert, “Songs of Hope,” on December 23, 2021, at 8:00 PM EST on Cloud Records’ YouTube channel and Facebook page. Featuring artists from around the world, the concert will support the people of Haiti who have experienced some of the worst human devastation. In particular, Cloud Records wants to gain at least one million viewers for this concert and raise at least $500,000 for this very important cause. ...

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“There is a Time” – Garrick V. Morgan & Valerie V. Gay

“There is a Time” Garrick V. Morgan & Valerie V. Gay Cloud Records (release date: December 20, 2021) www.cloudrecordsllc.com By Robert M. Marovich Garrick V. Morgan and Valerie V. Gay blend their polished and passionate voices on “There is a Time,” which transforms Ecclesiastes 3 (“For everything there is a season”) into a poignant Broadway-style show stopper. To a backdrop of lush strings and a hefty rhythm section, Morgan and Gay remind listeners that God “will make everything beautiful in its time.” It’s what they call in show biz a big number. More importantly, it’s a reminder that this, the ...

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JGM Pick of the Week: September 20, 2021

“Jesus Christ is Lord” Carmella Green Cloud Records (release date: December 18, 2020) www.cloudrecordsllc.com By Robert M. Marovich “Jesus Christ is Lord” by Carmella Green is another outstanding sacred single from Cloud Records, an emerging label with a small but mighty roster of accomplished vocalists. Despite being a soprano, Carmella Green delivers this song in a deep, dramatic voice, like a trained senior choir soloist. She does toss in a few vocal flowers, mostly at the end, but in general, she sings the worship opus in an operatic style. With its text drawn from Philippians 2:10-11 (“every knee shall bow, ...

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