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Montel Dorsey & MUniversity – Love Over Hate

Montel Dorsey & MUniversity Love Over Hate MUniversity Records / eOne (release date: March 17, 2017) www.MUCampusLife.com By Bob Marovich The gospel group Montel Dorsey & MUniversity sets the thematic tone of its Love Over Hate CD by opening with a montage of radio and TV newscasts covering last year’s deadly shooting in Orlando, Florida. Overdubbing his anguished declarations that nobody has the right to decide who lives or dies, that we are not God, that God is love, and that love conquers hate, Dorsey expresses his extreme distress over today’s violent world. But don’t expect an album-long head shake ...

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“Mary Did You Know” – The Bishops Quartet

“Mary Did You Know” The Bishops Quartet From I Know What Prayer Can Do (2014) www.thebishopsquartet.net Mark Lowry and Buddy Greene’s “Mary Did You Know” is one of the two or three Christmas songs to come out in recent times with real “legs,” or longevity. The Bishops Quartet gives it a contemporary quartet arrangement, and it works. Franky Smith’s electric guitar scatters blue notes like pixie dust while Thurman Hargrove Jr. lays down a warm Hammond B3 foundation. The quartet, comprised of Bishops Alvin Palmer (manager), Thurman Hargrove, James Coleman, and Elder Robert Brice, was organized in Orlando, Florida, and recorded ...

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Pastor Riva Tims Presents Majestic Praise – Access Granted

Pastor Riva Tims Presents Majestic Praise Access Granted Zion Records (2014) www.majesticlifechurch.com By Bob Marovich Florida Pastor Riva Tims introduces to the general public the music ministry at her Majestic Praise Church in Orlando on the ten-selection Access Granted. It is the first CD on her new Zion Records imprint. In the album’s dramatic introduction, Tims explains the title: “When you are on purpose and on assignment, God says ‘access granted.’” The ensemble employs that access to loft vertical praises to God on high. The songs and arrangements on Access Granted are CCM-tempered praise and worship, something on the order of Shekinah Glory Ministry. ...

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