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Conversations with the Gospel Legends: Leanne Faine

Ms. Leanne Faine, Thompson Community Singers lead vocalist and a solo gospel artist in her own right joins Bob Marovich on “Conversations with the Gospel Legends.” It’s part of our continuing focus on the history of Chicago’s Thompson Community Singers. Conversations with the Gospel Legends. Host: Bob Marovich. Guest: Leanne Faine from PCC Studio on Vimeo.

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“Conversations with the Gospel Legends” – Min. Kevin Yancy

This episode of “Conversations with the Gospel Legends” with talented singer, songwriter, musician, and producer Min. Kevin Yancy (Fountain of Life Joy Choir) explores the Yancy Family’s many significant contributions to gospel music. Special thanks, as always, to the Reverend Harold Bailey, Mr. Clarence McMillon, and the PCC Network for producing the show.

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Conversations with the Gospel Legends – Rev. Dr. Stanley Keeble

On this episode of “Conversations with the Gospel Legends,” the Reverend Dr. Stanley Keeble talks about his days as an accompanist, as part of the Fellowship M.B. Church music ministry, his Voices of Triumph group, his mentor Willie Webb, and the Chicago gospel scene of the 1950s and 1960s. Conversations with The Gospel Legends with Bob Marovich. Guest: Reverend Dr. Stanley Keeble from PCC Studio on Vimeo.

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