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Pastor Jonathan DuBose Jr. & the Agape House Fellowship: Going to a Place Called There

Pastor Jonathan DuBose Jr. & the Agape House Fellowship Going to a Place Called There JOBO Enterprizes, LLC (2014) www.agapehousefellowship.net By Bob Marovich While music enthusiasts know Jonathan DuBose Jr. as an in-demand guitarist / session musician, they may not know of his life as Pastor Jonathan DuBose Jr. of Agape House Fellowship in his hometown of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Going to a Place Called There, the title based on Ezekiel 48:35, gives some inkling of the musical soundtrack to DuBose’s ministerial calling.  It is his church’s live recording, conducted at West End Tabernacle on May 10, 2014. Part worship service, ...

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Celebrating the DuBose Family on Occasion of Father’s 75th Birthday

On the 75th birthday of Jonathan DuBose Sr., member of Bridgeport, Connecticut quartet the Sensational Starlights, the Journal of Gospel Music is pleased to repost its 2011 interview (below) with another musical member of the DuBose Family, Jonathan Jr. Before we get into the interview, here are some links to see and hear more about the DuBose Family: Jonathan DuBose Sr. 75th Birthday weekend: https://new.livestream.com/StreamYourDreamLIVE/75thBirthdayJonathanDuBoseSr DuBose Daughters Debut with Father and Sons: https://new.livestream.com/StreamYourDreamLIVE/events/3361165/images/63830942 70 and Beyond Video & Audio Blog: http://aeo.podbean.com *** By Bob Marovich Scan the liner notes of a gospel CD and chances are you will see the ...

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