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JGM Pick of the Week: January 22, 2018

“Church Medley II” Syreeta Thompson Trumpetlady From the CD Evolution of a Winner (release date: September 15, 2017) www.trumpetlady.com By Bob Marovich At one time, brass instruments in the service of God were found only in Pentecostal and Spiritual churches and, of course, in the famed shout bands of the United House of Prayer for All People. But times have changed and trumpets, saxophones, and all sorts of instruments are welcome at nearly every type of church. Still, there are few female brass players in gospel music. Syreeta Thompson is one. The Grammy Award-winning, Billboard-charting and Stellar Award-nominated Thompson pays homage to ...

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Syreeta: Gospel’s Gabriel(le)

By Bob Marovich for The Black Gospel Blog. Syreeta Thompson is in a class by herself. Literally. The Chicago-born artist is the only female gospel singer who plays trumpet. Even the trumpets she carries are distinctive: one is white, the other red. Syreeta picked up the trumpet at age twelve, she told TBGB during a visit to Chicago last weekend. There was one caveat. “In order for me to play trumpet, my mother said I had to play it in church. So I sat in the corner with the other musicians at the True Church House of Prayer of All Nations. ...

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