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“Help Me” – Jerrell Golden (ft. Romane Scott)

“Help Me” Jerrell Golden (ft. Romane Scott) From Imago Dei Records CD Jerrell Golden (release date: July 30, 2017) By Robert M. Marovich Tappahannock, Virginia, holy hip hop artist Jerrell Golden preaches through his rhymes on “Help Me.” When people suffer from compassion fatigue in a world so cold that “July can be December,” giving up is a tempting option. Others want to help but they cannot. That’s because, Golden reminds the listener, “first we have to learn to follow before we can lead.” There‘s a teaching moment. Between Golden’s stanzas is Romane Scott’s pleading tenor, amplifying the feelings of ...

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Jerrell Golden: J Rocks the Mic…for Jesus

By Bob Marovich Anyone who witnessed Tappahannock, Virginia, rapper J Rock during freestyle battles heard a young, hungry, and confident artist who didn’t just want to emulate Jay-Z: he wanted to be better than Jay-Z. But behind the scenes, the story looked different. “I was hooked on drugs and did a lot of bad stuff,” Christian hip hop artist Jerrell Golden told the Journal of Gospel Music. “Me and my mom, we weren’t seeing eye to eye, so she kicked me out,” he said. “And honestly, I deserved it. I went through a spell of being homeless, going from friend ...

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