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JGM Pick of the Week: July 7, 2020

“Heal the Brokenness” Mietta Stancil Farrar & Tehillah From the CD The Greatness of God (original release date: 2013) By Bob Marovich Many gospel songs feel as if they were written about current times. Although Mietta Stancil Farrar & Tehillah of  Paterson, New Jersey, initially released “Heal the Brokenness” seven years ago, it falls in this category. This plea for the Lord to do what nobody else can do is made all the more urgent when Mietta and Tehillah increase the passion in their pleading by incrementally boosting the volume of their voices. Several artists have been re-purposing songs from ...

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Jonathan McReynolds – Life Music: Stage Two

Jonathan McReynolds Life Music: Stage Two eOne/Tehillah Music Group (release date: September 18, 2015) www.jonathanmcreynolds.com By Bob Marovich Life Music: Stage Two couldn’t be a better showcase for Jonathan McReynolds. The follow-up album to the 26-year-old singer-songwriter-musician’s 2012 debut, Life Music, Stage Two is the musical manifestation of his honest and spiritually grounded approach to dealing with the vicissitudes of daily life. The Chicago-born McReynolds is one of the few gospel solo artists who plays acoustic guitar. His mellow blend of acoustic neo-soul with churchy conviction may be somewhat novel today, but it mirrors the intimacy of his lyrics, which feel like ...

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