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Ted Winn featuring Balance – Stand in Awe

Ted Winn featuring Balance Stand in Awe Shanachie Records (release date: September 1, 2017) www.shanachie.com By Bob Marovich First attracting the attention of the national gospel music audience in 1995 as one-half of the duo Ted & Sheri (with Sheri Jones-Moffett), Ted Winn has been a solo artist for nearly a decade. Winn’s latest project, Stand in Awe, continues his commitment to “horizontal” praise songs that are more in keeping with gospel’s lyric tradition than the “vertical” Contemporary Christian Music that lofts praises without explicitly acknowledging how God helps his people overcome the life struggles and persistent oppression that cannot be ignored ...

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Darnell Davis & the Remnant – Live Again

Darnell Davis & the Remnant Live Again D Davis Entertainment / MVP Productions (release date: August 11, 2017) www.darnelldavismusic.com By Bob Marovich Those who know Darnell Davis’s story—those who don’t can read it here—will understand why the overarching theme of his new album with the Remnants, Live Again, is spiritual survival. From the opening selection, “I Am a Miracle,” to the devil’s dirty dealings in “No You Can’t Have It,” to the churchy call-and-response of “I’m Still Here,” the lyrics speak of the battle one wages against the insistent and persistent force of evil. The title’s double meaning helps hammer home this ...

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Celebrating the DuBose Family on Occasion of Father’s 75th Birthday

On the 75th birthday of Jonathan DuBose Sr., member of Bridgeport, Connecticut quartet the Sensational Starlights, the Journal of Gospel Music is pleased to repost its 2011 interview (below) with another musical member of the DuBose Family, Jonathan Jr. Before we get into the interview, here are some links to see and hear more about the DuBose Family: Jonathan DuBose Sr. 75th Birthday weekend: https://new.livestream.com/StreamYourDreamLIVE/75thBirthdayJonathanDuBoseSr DuBose Daughters Debut with Father and Sons: https://new.livestream.com/StreamYourDreamLIVE/events/3361165/images/63830942 70 and Beyond Video & Audio Blog: http://aeo.podbean.com *** By Bob Marovich Scan the liner notes of a gospel CD and chances are you will see the ...

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