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JGM Pick of the Week: February 6, 2017

“God’s FreqWincey” Wincey From God’s FreqWincey (released in 2015) www.winceycomusic.com On her new single, “God’s FreqWincey,” Wincey Terry-Bryant plays off her first name to testify about how prayer gives her a clearer focus on her past, present, and future. The song has a breezy California vibe and Wincey’s singing has the light touch of fellow Newark native Dionne Warwick. Wincey has healthy doses of performing experience, having worked in the television and film industries, and even recorded with jazz great Grover Washington Jr. Being on “God’s FreqWincey” certainly enables Wincey to do plenty of important work. She runs a nonprofit called Nanababies ...

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“Wanna Be” – Wincey

“Wanna Be” Wincey Winceyco Music (2015) www.winceycomusic.com Wincey Terry-Bryant’s “Wanna Be,” co-written with musician Ted Brancato, is an ironic play on the definition of a person who seeks the spotlight but lacks the talent to get there.  The kind of “wanna be” Wincey sings about is one who wants to live not only according to her God-given purpose but aspires to follow the tenets and precepts of a loving Jesus. The bridge of this delicate and breezy retro soul gospel could use more oomph, but the singing and production are so well done that it doesn’t get in the way ...

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