JGM Pick of the Week: November 14, 2016

angela_orig“Rock Steady”
Angela Bennett (2016)
Available from digital media outlets

An alumna of Houston’s Southeast Inspirational Choir, where she sang under the direction of notables Shirley Joiner, Carl Preacher, and Brenda Waters (the choir also produced Yolanda Adams), Angela Dannett Bennett offers an electrifying performance on “Rock Steady.”

Bennett and her background vocalists encourage listeners to be strong and cling to the rock during the storm. She then takes the meteorology metaphor a step further: “Have you any fair weather friends? / When trouble comes, the fellowship ends?” she asks. Don’t worry, she adds: “He will never leave you alone.”

Despite its title, the song does not roll along on a Jamaican beat but instead comes straight outta church with aisle-walking propulsion that compels listeners to stand up, clap along, and believe. By the conclusion, Bennett, a third generation COGIC PK, is in full evangelist’s mode.

“Rock Steady” is written by Bobby Sparks and James Mitchell, and produced by Bobby Sparks and Mark Simmons.

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