JGM Pick of the Week: November 23, 2016

chrystal-rucker-excuse-me“Excuse Me”
Chrystal Rucker
HBK Media (2016)

Chrystal Rucker is one of the most gifted vocalists in gospel music today. Although some of her best work thus far has been on passionately rendered slow songs, “Excuse Me” gives her a chance to front a shoulder-shaking praiser.

On “Excuse Me,” Rucker only hints at the reasons she shouts and lifts her hands in praise. She sings: “Wish I had the time to tell you, but you would not believe / All of the things God has done for me.”

Just thinking about God’s goodness gets her all verklempt, which means more shouting and lofting melismatic runs and high notes into the atmosphere. Meanwhile, her BGVs declare “you don’t know,” one syllable at a time, to thudding drum and bass.

“Excuse Me” was written by Anthony Brown (of Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy) with production by Asaph Ward. With everything going on during this track, it’s sure to be a radio favorite.

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