Frontlynaz – Game Over (Frontlynaz, Inc. 2008)

Frontlynaz Game Over Frontlynaz, Inc. 2008 Say what you will about Holy Hip Hop, but the Stellar-nominated HHH group Frontlynaz spits rhymes and drops beats with the power and urgency of a brakeless freight train. Their Game Over grabbed my attention and held it with clenched fists from beginning to end. Captivating and compelling, Frontlynaz has a lot to say about today’s state of affairs and how grace can transform a person from spiraling downward to an upwardly mobile (i.e., positive, not materialistic) life that means something and is, in itself, transformative. Just as importantly, the album dresses the ...

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Blogging from the Gospel Music Workshop of America: Thursday, August 18

My final day at GMWA was Thursday, though the convention would not conclude until Friday evening. The morning was spent receiving updates on new music projects from record label owners and promoters. Sandra Smith from Blackberry Records told us about Henry Green’s solo project to be released in January, and the Williams Brothers’ innovative inspirational jazz CD also on its way. Lisa Wheeler, Executive Vice President of ICEE Records, updated everyone on the continued success of Father Hayes and the Warrors’ remix of “Jesus Will Work it Out” on both urban and gospel radio outlets, and that selected members of ...

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