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JGM Pick of the Week:  August 1, 2022

“With Joy We Draw Water” The Bishop’s Choir feat. Kyle Sanders Enon Music Group (release date: April 15, 2022) www.enonmusic.com By Robert M. Marovich The Bishop’s Choir gives the original John Howard Caravan classic, “With Joy We Draw Water,” a full-throated rendering, complete with impassioned lead by Min. Kyle Sanders. From the Sim Wilson Jr. and John Howard Caravan album If You Need a Blessing (Savoy 1981), “With Joy We Draw Water” takes its text from Isaiah 12:3. With introductions from a chirpy church organ, the Bishop’s Choir layers its harmonies section-by-section as the members sing the title line like ...

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“Everybody Ought to Know” – D. Corey Shipley feat. Estee Bullock

“Everybody Ought to Know” D. Corey Shipley feat. Estee Bullock DuCosh Music Group (release date: April 28, 2017) https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/dcoreyshipley By Bob Marovich “Everybody Ought to Know” is a humble worship song that riffs on the various names for God but reminds us that no matter the name, God is the solid rock. D. Corey Shipley and Estee Bullock (Hezekiah Walker and the Love Fellowship Crusade Choir) weave their confident lead vocals through the backing group’s assertive harmonies. The musicians keep the head bobbing funk beat, a slow stomp, moving steadily ahead throughout. D. Corey Shipley hails from Trenton, New Jersey, and ...

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