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“Freedom” – Quamid feat. Christina Prophet Shorter

“Freedom” Quamid feat. Christina Prophet Shorter From the independent EP Bold as a Lion (release date: December 25, 2017) By Bob Marovich Augusta, Georgia, Christian rap artist Quamid Green (aka Quamid) teams with Christina Prophet Shorter on “Freedom,” a piece that redirects the freedom journey from the traditional trajectory of collective equal rights to individual soul salvation. The ultimate bondage, according to “Freedom,” is life without God. What sells the song is its compelling chorus, delivered with thunderous intensity by background vocalists that sing like a gospel choir in a documentary about the Civil Rights Movement. As Quamid spits about ...

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JGM Pick of the Week: February 15, 2016

“Breakthrough” Bonita Burney Simmons (released October 19, 2015) www.bonitaburneysimmons.com Bonita Burney Simmons infuses her single, “Breakthrough,” with a toolkit of traditional church soloist techniques. Melismatic runs, soulful top notes, and lyric attacks a la Jennifer Hudson–all in the service of encouraging listeners to stay faithful, because their own breakthroughs are on the way. Born in Connecticut and raised in North Carolina, Simmons has been a singer since preschool. She entered the ministry in 2000 and serves as Co-Pastor and Outreach Coordinator of the Family Worship Church, “Ministry of Restoration,” in Kinston, North Carolina, where George E. Fields Jr. is pastor. A ...

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Audrey Cher Steps Out in Her Destiny

By Bob Marovich When Audrey Cher was born, her parents wanted to make certain her name meant something in the entertainment industry. So they called her Audrey after Audrey Hepburn and Cher for, well…Cher. “I’m walking in my name,” gospel singer and recording artist Audrey Cher told JGM last week. Born in Mount Clemens, Michigan, a town that once drew Hollywood celebrities to its mineral bathhouses, Audrey moved to Detroit, where she attended Bishop G. M. Boone’s New Liberty Apostolic Faith Church. There, she sang in the choir and at thirteen, joined the praise team. It would be another four years ...

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