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Michael Weatherspoon’s New Book Aims to Improve Music Ministry Leadership

By Bob Marovich For the past 30 years, musician, producer, and record label executive Michael Weatherspoon has seen what works and what doesn’t in church music ministry. In particular, he’s noticed that church members are often elevated to leadership positions without the proper leadership education. A lack of training, he says, can be detrimental to both minister and ministry. His new book, The Cost of Indecision: A Plan for Music & Life (Faithwalk Publishing), is a collection of lifelong observations, lessons, and directives on music ministry, as well as action items that can be learned today and put in practice tomorrow. ...

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Evangelist Myrna Summers: God Gave Her a Song and Now a Ministry

By Bob Marovich In 1970, Evangelist Myrna Summers burst on the gospel music scene on the strength of “God Gave Me a Song,” a composition she wrote and performed with the Interdenominational Youth Choir of Washington, DC and Maryland. It was so popular, Atlantic Records handed her a recording contract. The song earned a Grammy nomination. Summers is now parlaying her more than forty years of success as a music minister to help fellow church musicians and singers understand that music ministry is “More than a Song.” “Music people, that’s where my heart is,” Summers told the Journal of Gospel ...

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