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“Thank You” – David Walker and High Praise

“Thank You” David Walker and High Praise ENON / The Key of David Music Group (release date: April 29, 2022) By Robert M. Marovich After a frenetic prog fusion intro, David Walker’s fulsomely-rendered “Thank You” settles into a contemporary male-led choir groove. High Praise offers full-throated support for Walker as he transitions into a preacher’s ferociousness, offering praise and thanksgiving for, well, everything. The single, written by James Ziegler, features conventional lyrics that explode with youthful vitality that bounces off the walls of the speakers. Though the choir hails from Atlanta, it has the intensity of East Coast choirs like ...

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RIP: Richard Wallace of the Mighty Clouds of Joy

By Bob Marovich JGM was saddened to learn from Debra Ligon and Libra Boyd’s post that singer and guitarist Richard Wallace of the Mighty Clouds of Joy passed away Monday, July 27, 2020. According to essays by Opal Nations, Richard Edward Wallace was born June 9, 1940, in Austin, Texas. He and his brother Lee O’Daniel migrated west to Los Angeles and, in 1956, joined the Stars of Bethel, a quartet that included cousins from Texas who had moved to LA ahead of them. The quartet later changed its name to the Stars of Bethlehem and cut an album for ...

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JGM Pick of the Week: April 14, 2020

“While Traveling Through” Shonda English feat. Lemmie Battles From the forthcoming album Travelin’ (release date: March 13, 2020) By Bob Marovich Combine the sanctuary-honed talents of Shonda English and Lemmie Battles, veteran musician Richard Gibbs, and David Walker & High Praise of Atlanta, Georgia, and you have the ingredients of an old-fashioned church rouser, low country handclap and all. “While Traveling Through” doesn’t disappoint. English and Battles sing and shout the glory down as they remind the listener that since this “barren world” is not our home, we are just travelers on our way to a better place. English is ...

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