Bishop Ozro Thurston Jones, Jr. (COGIC) Passes Away

TBGB learned from Minister J.J. Bell that Bishop Ozro Thurston Jones, Jr., General Board Member Emeritus and former Second Assistant Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, passed away Wednesday, January 9.

Bishop Jones’ homegoing information will be forthcoming at the COGIC main website:

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  1. Bishop O. T. Jones never sat in the “Chief Seat” at the helm of this “Grand Ole” church, but his legacy has the editor of the YPWW topics may prove more pervasive than any leader we have known, second only to Bishop Mason. I am a product of YPWW. My mother took me to Sunday School, but I WENT to YPWW. And a most fitting tribute to him would be a re-release of those writings.

    Holy Temple, Commonwealth, and Family you are in our prayers.

    Supt. Steve Lester
    Marietta, Georgia

    • Supt Lester a re-release of those writings exist in a book called As We Walk With God. 300 lessons of the original YPWW. It is available on Amazon.

  2. I’m sorry but with all due respect to Supt. Lester, according to the foremost historians of our church Bishop O.T. Jones Sr. WAS the Chief Bishop of the COGIC for approximately 4 years until he was set aside in a vote installing the late Bishop J.O. Patterson.

    We also are aware of the circumstance that led to the church changing it’s policy and voting him out, which I won’t detail here.

    Nonetheless, Bishop O.T. Jones Jr. was a starling representative not only of the church, but of his father.

    God bless their memory.

  3. While researching my family history I can’t but be amazed how from the start of COGIC. My family was there it was, BISHOP O.T. Jones Sr. that married my grandparents Jairlean and Charles Lindsay in Little Rock, Ar. Who had so much respect for Bishop Jones that my father the late Elder Ozro Thurston Lindsay got his name. So much respect to the COGIC beginnings and the many blessings God has put upon the Lindsay and Gridiron household. Peace and blessings to the Jones household 🙏🏾

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