Miss Walk Around Heaven All Day – Cassietta Lerone Baker (self-published 2008)

Miss Walk Around Heaven All Day:
The Untold Story of Cassietta Baker George

Cassietta Lerone Baker
Self Published 2008

“One of these mornings/It won’t be very long;
You’ll look for me and I’ll be gone.”

And then a piercing chord from a Hammond B3 swings down like the blade of a guillotine.

That’s “Walk Around Heaven All Day,” as performed by Cassietta George.

Though credited to the Caravans, this 1964 recording for Vee Jay Records that bears musical resemblance to “That Lucky Old Sun” is really a Cassietta solo. There are no other Caravans present on the recording, but no matter, nobody else was needed. Cassietta made that song a gospel masterpiece all by herself.

Subsequently, “Walk Around Heaven All Day” has been covered by hundreds of gospel artists, sampled by the techno artist Moby, and is one of the 100 most influential gospel songs of all time. It’s the one recording I want played at my funeral.

But who was the person behind the song? Cassietta Lerone Baker, the singer’s nephew, sets out to tell that story in Miss Walk Around Heaven All Day. Baker recounts Cassietta’s successes as well as her very human failings. He also opines that she took more than her fair share of elbows in the ribs from fellow artists along the gospel highway.

The opening section of the book offers an interesting biography of the legendary Memphian’s early years, her membership in the Songbirds of the South, and how she came to join the Caravans.

Baker pulls no punches in telling the story. As the book progresses, Baker’s narrative takes on a personal catharsis. He prepares the reader by indicating in the acknowledgements page that writing the book was a “painful journey” but “it is time for closure.” Indeed, while pouring out page after page of emotionally-charged prose about the disrespect and dishonor his aunt suffered, like Quentin Compson in Faulker’s Absalom Absalom, Baker seems to be exorcising the burdens of the past from his own soul.

Portions of the book unveil behind the scenes cat-fighting as well as serious allegations of chicanery, at times coming across like a gospel “Hollywood Babylon.” Be forewarned: some of the allegations in the book, and on Baker’s website, are graphic and not for the faint of heart. They are controversial to say the least and will encounter no small amount of criticism from the gospel community. Ultimately, it’s up to the reader to separate the wheat from the tares.

The narrative has a tendency to whiplash back and forth chronologically. This and the syntactical errors should have been given a good once-over by an editor before going to print. Baker’s book would also have benefited from testimonials by known gospel artists to corroborate or refute the allegations, providing a more even-handed history.

A discography of albums on which Cassietta George is soloist concludes the book.

Cassietta George, who is now walking around Heaven all day, is one of gospel music’s greatest treasures whose body of recorded work has withstood the test of time.

The book is available directly from the author at www.cassiettaleronebaker.com.

About Bob Marovich

Bob Marovich is a gospel music historian, author, and radio host. Founder of Journal of Gospel Music blog (formally The Black Gospel Blog) and producer of the Gospel Memories Radio Show.


  1. There is no doubt,Cassietta George, is one of gospel music’s greatest treasures. Her voice touch the bottom of your soul.

    I miss her, and I loved her.

    Thank you for this review.


    • I’m glad to see you again Lerone and back then I was praying for you and I will continue to, found You on Ruko PL take care for there are ? out here
      Who will destroy you when $ is involves. All these things was here before now, A change must come from the heart and it has to be twin with the HOLY GHOST pure in Dow with the Lord Anointed. YouTube is a place to get anything done in music and if the Lord Jehovah is ? percent then no one wants it. The real is gone, it’s about the world show ING up in the house of the Lord. That’s why it has moved to the heart of every man not the building anymore. Speak the truth and shame the devil, Remember it’s got to take the Lord to open that door. Go to
      Mark 7: 32-34 used that work for this evil Lerone and do as Jesus done same work but different operation. See that the door will Be Open.

  2. This book was excellent. It told a lot about Cassietta’s struggles with the group. It also gives and in-depth look at a lot of songs Cassietta published, but no one knew about it. It was definately worth the read and I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to find out about it. You won’t be disappointed. As a matter of fact, I read the book all in one setting because it was so fascinating.

  3. Oh my, this book is a page turner for sure! The real life ups and downs of Cassietta in the gospel music world. READ IT, READ IT, READ IT, for yourself.
    Thank you, J

  4. I’m glad the truth is finally out we all were wondering why cassietta names wasn’t coming up, when asked of the other girls in the caravans. They say what you do in the dark will come to the light. Thank you Lerone Baker for being a true man of God in this dark time when so many are taking down to and going with the wrong. I hope this book becomes a million seller.

  5. I don’t want to be shirley caesar and albertina walker. When this book runs it’s full course. I had heard the rumors about some of the girls life styles years ago. I wonder if they have tried to set it strange with Cassietta nephew or are waiting on some big cloud to pass over. If so they are skating on thin ice. “God don’t work that way”.

    • I’m in love with Casetta Voice bc it was none other like it ever,it’s so sad that money is the root of all evil, that fame and Fortune over take the Soul, I’ve seen a many things in COGIC that was done underhanded when I was a child, Bishop Mason would be turning over, saying What going on ? People please remember God is the Judge over us all ? ING for rectification, humble themselves turn from there wicked ways back to the everlasting peace Maker God so the Holy Spirit that don’t lie can come in.and change it all. First get that everlasting light hold on to it bind it around the neck, I’m constantly listen to the Caravans, the Martin Singer The Clara Ward’s singers,the Davis Sister and many others that have came back in the forty and fiftys and yes they are real . Ms Casetta was right there. I’m praying that BF thy all leave this world get it right, can’t do it after youer dead and gone. God Blessing to you Lerone.bc I stop internet I faced out of your way but I’m glad to hear you still fighting like a worrier. It’s a hard battle especially when the Soul has touch the ways of distruction it sweepes over the soul like a magnet, killing and distroying everything in it’s path. Bible speak of it, yet nobody is trying to do it. Except a few and many of them are gone. Those who set back and watch it happens again and again and don’t do anything is just as guilty. Lerone just remember it’s a Long suffering act we as The Lord children must indure..God Bless

  6. I bought this book at the “COGIC” convention in memphis and the people seem afraid of it. I bought it anyway and now that i read it for myself my eyes are open to alot of things i don’t no. Like you said Bob it’s up to the readers to look into the truth. I had heard that alot of radio announcers want give Lerone Baker any interviews on the book. I feel that’s unfair because they have told there stories for years on the caravan legacy. Now let’s hear the other side of the story. There must be something there hiding or they wouldn’t be so afraid of this book. I have even sense how the other ladys would get up and talk about the group and cassietta wrote and lead 90% of the songs and who hasn’t heard of “WALK AROUND HEAVEN ALL DAY”. It was the title of one of the many albums Cassietta recorded with the group and her name never comes up. They didn’t even talk about her on the “malaco Legends DVD”. There is something fishy going on.

  7. I really enjoyed reading the book! Very informative and revealing!

  8. I haven’t read the book, but I don’t think anything “fishy” is going on just because she didn’t get mentioned in the Malaco Gospel Legends DVD presentation. Other Caravans members like Bessie Griffin, Gloria Griffin, Johneron Davis, Josephine Howard, Loleatta Holloway, Julia Mae Price Williams, James Herndon, Eddie Williams, Willie James McPhatter, Charolette Nelson, Sarah McKissick, Iris Humble, Imogene Greene, and the list goes on and on, all weren’t mentioned either. One thing that most of the folks mentioned share in common (with exceptions to Eddie, James, Willie, Julia, Loleatta and possibly others) sadly is that they’re all deceased, as is Cassietta.

    • This and other legendary songbirds has soothe the Soul and saved a many. Yet I can understand the main reason for Lerone to want those who are living to come forth bc it wasn’t done right. But those who are making the major Bucks will not come forth to clear up things bc then it would be know what is in the dark has come to the marvelous light of the Truth of the Lord. I’m praying for closer for it’s been going on too long.

  9. Wow I thought this book was great! I never heard of sure a story in the gopel church. I hope this book changes things in the world.

  10. This is to “JOSEPH M” first they never brought cassietta up before her death. second all those people you name didn’t do anything in the caravans as well as dorothy norwood didn’t. she shouldn’t have been setting with the other caravans. I haven’t heard of or found a album yet with her on it as a oringal caravan. The other people you named didn’t do anything but back ground sing or wrote one song or played on the albums. In fact eddie williams and shirley caesar stoled “Hallelujah Tis Done” from cassietta when she wrote it for shirley caesar but when it came out it was credit to eddie williams instead of cassietta. Again if you find the titled oringal “LP’s” with the works of the other singers you named, that did anything in the legacy. please inform the site please. that way we will see your point. remember you must have “the song and the writer of the song and the title of the oringal “LP” not a “CD” that albertina walker had released with public domain on it so she can keep the royalies off cassietta estate to pay her lady maids for there services and her light bills past due. she never wrote anything up in the group anyway to recieve royalies. If you find this information which you want but if you do,don’t make me list the 40 songs cassietta wrote and lead in the legacy from 1953-1965 and when she left the group the songs and sound went with her that’s why albertina disband the group because cassietta baker george was writing and lead most of the songs not just for self but for the other ladys also,but you wouldn’t no that sense you haven’t read the book or own any of the oringal caravan albums on “LP”. The oringal “LP” prove there works. when it comes to the difference between cassietta and them other things you named there’s no match. It’s very important that we start moving in prove and not in what we are just told.
    P.S. tell Albertina walker to stop promoting all those caravan albums with cassietta on them and stop stealing credit and riding on the success of the other girls. when in fact she knows that if it was for cassietta george there would be no other girls as they all do. I’m go “walk around around heaven all day” want go, got to be saved.

  11. this book was great. iI read it and every single chapter had me like WOW. I think everyone should read it and this book realy talks about Cassietta Lerone Baker life. After reading this i have a different perspective on the whole gospel music industry.


  12. it’s funny that all of the positive comments are by someone named ‘anonymous’ when it’s pretty clear that they’re all by the same person, why won’t they reveal their true identity?

  13. My name is Joc, I’ve read the book and I personally feel that the negativity is come from people who have not picked up the book to read it. I to had my dbouts about the book at first, but then I read it and the facts are there. Like I said before; READ IT, READ IT, READ IT, for yourself.

    Thank you, J

  14. hey joc, I read the book and it was like novocaine, I was not feeling it. a lot of things in there that are called facts arent facts, like Cassietta being called an original Caravan. she was with the Songbirds of the South when Robert Anderson created The Caravans in 1951, so she wasnt an original Caravan.

  15. Well On Dorothy Norwood 1994 “Feel like” Video closing credits it was posted that my Aunt Cassietta was a orignal caravan along with “Albertina Walker,Delores Washington and Dorothy Norwood now the word orignal is the only thing “A G” or who ever you are can us to attack the truth. Original seems to go fine for Dorothy Norwood, Albertina Walker and now Delores Washington when she didn’t come into the group until 1958. when my Aunt Cassietta was there sense 1953. What is the real promblem your really aren’t willing to address.

    You leave my reads, my Aunt Cassietta’s fans,friends,and her music and name alone. There is no more Cassietta Baker George just Cassietta Lerone Baker now, i got the “Mantle” i wrote the book not Aunt Cassietta you attack me not the things around me, that”s what a real man will do. I will destroy you, Albertina Walker or anyone else that comes against it in “JESUS” name, my only lord and savior. No man can judge me and don’t have a heaven or hell to put me in. If there so clean and haven’t done a thing why are they putting you and unlearned paper boys like your Will Harris to deliver messages. why don’t she arrange a world wide interview on “Bet” with just me and her with all the original caravans “Singles and LP’S on the table before the world. Sense she loves fame so much. Tell the late old never could sing or write “Late Albertina Walker” to stop look for credit and honor from the gospel music industry for the works of other artist it isn’t fair to these who worked for their on fame and success, for thieves like her to steal it. It ain’t right. God don’t like it.

    Once again don’t go around the bush you stand up to it. Part 1.


    Lerone Baker

  16. Lerone aka: joc, ducky, J, byron, or whoever youve chosen to be today, dorothy is mistaken, none of those women, including dorothy herself are the original caravans. albertina joined in 1952, cassietta in 1953, dorothy in 1956 and delores in 1958. the only true original caravans would be the women that robert anderson assembled in 1951, and all of the 1951 originals were gone from the group by 1954.

  17. Why do you keep trying to cover the lies. When you heard her lie on the footage. Now you saw the closing credits on dorothys norwoods video but you still say i’m the wrong one you have a promblem and you are not worth of my time. You want to believe a lie when the fact’s are in your face time to shake the dust off my feet.

    You are in Gods hands now brother.

    Lerone Baker

  18. Personal brother i don’t care ain’t none of them did more in that group than “my Aunt”. Stop going around the truth and name the woman or man in the hold legacy that wrote or lead the most songs. The world is waiting on the answer. now if you don’t give it your trying to get around the point of my “Aunt being the spine” of the caravans.

  19. what lies am I trying to cover? I am saying that Robert Anderson created The Caravans name in 1951, which was BEFORE Albertina joined, and goes AGAINST Albertina’s story in the gospel legends dvd. when The Caravans name was founded in 1951, Albertina was NOT there. in fact, Albertina was singing with the Willie Webb Singers when The Caravans were created. in the gospel legends dvd, Albertina takes claim for creating the name in 1952, which goes against the well documented Robert Anderson creation story. she also says in that video that Robert Anderson was retiring and that the group had to break up, but he DIDN’T retire, he walked out on the group for reasons unknown. he recorded songs shortly after the breakup and continued to sing until his death in the 1990s.

    Albertina’s story doesn’t line up with the known facts.Albertina did not create or name the Caravans, and Robert Anderson did not “retire” as she says. THAT’S the point I’m trying to make!

  20. This book is a page turner, but in truth, it not that well written, with documented errors throughout the book. It reads more like Trashy magazine then it does honor the late Cassietta George, possibly one of the most prolific song writers to come out of the Gospel genre. Its a discredit to her, as well as to the Gospel community itself that this book was written in such a way. If the author (whom I am sure is going to reply to this post) was sincere in his approach to write this book as a memorial to the testament of his “Aunt”, he has bogged it down with too much “Extra” that detracts from the the brilliant artist that Cassietta George was. Instead of focusing on ALLEGED events, the book should focus squarely on Ms. George and her rise to fame.

  21. Mr.Baker,
    I am just going to say one thing and I am going to be done with you. I am the godchild of one of the demonic members of the former caravans,and just to let you know she has always paid homage to your aunt and spoke nuthing but well of her.
    So I dont know what crip you stepped out of but you need to take your demonic trouble making lie’ing toungue back to the pits of hell from which you came.
    And you running around throwing accusations of people sexual escapades when it is obvious you got more sugar in you than a bag of dixie crystal since you so saved you should know you should not put your mouth on Gods anointed,let he who has no sin cast the first stone…
    And befor you reply remember I am the not some weakling you can scare away with your words the call you a male diva but just to let you know I am the first male diva and I am positive you have just meet your match.
    I do look forward to hearing from you again i’m sure it will be most interesting…

  22. Praise God,
    I am not usually one to respond to blogs such as this, but I could not read this mess and keep quiet. I too bought the book and thought that I would get to know the real Cassietta George instead of the personal, private habits and lives of the other caravans whom I love musically. I feel that people’s private live should be kept silent until they decide to talk about it. Since I was a child, I have been hearing about the caravans being lesbians. I’m sure the truth lies somewhere in between, but I could care less. All I know is that these women have touched my life down through the years, including Ms. George and I thank God for them. No one is perfect and we all grow in grace. We should not fight over who did this and who did not do this. The Bible says that it is not by works but by faith. One person did not make the Caravans, it was a team effort anointed by God. Please don’t try to ruin the reputation of others to make yourself look good. God is not looking for how many songs you wrote, but how many souls you witnessed too. Be Blessed

  23. This is so funny… all Lorene want to do is make some money…If this was so true he would be giving this book away… It is so sad he is spread lies about people he really do not know.. Also, he was to young to know anything about these women and men. Lorene go get a job an stopping defaming good people name.. Read Ecc. 7:1 and follow in line. May God have mercy on your soul. Cassiette Baker George was a great song writer and singer. She seems like a very nice lady..but you are making a god out of her.. so be careful.

  24. lerone probably making up this shit…..he wasnt alive and his aunt probably was lying to…who the hell cares! let THE QUEEN OF GOSPEL REST IN PEACE!

  25. I have been reading all of the comments on here and it is just pathetic to read such comments. I don’t know of anyone who loves Gospel Music and Gospel Singing any better than me. I loved all of the Gospel Singers and the songs and music that they wrote. No one is really a star. All of them are stars. What really counts is the message that they can get across to those who are not saved and don’t know Jesus Christ in the pardon of their sins. I sure hope that people who heard the songs were able to get a message and a thought out of the songs that were being sung and, that they were able to surrender their all to the Lord.

    Be Blessed….

  26. Mr Baker, what a crazy person you are! I have seen your youtube mess and read all you claims about albertina and Shirley. You look as “sweet” as pie yourself and I don’t mean that as something “good”. I wouldn’t have that mess of a book in my house! If you don’t like albertina then don’t listen to her music and the same goes with Shirley. Why should you care about another person’s life style. You need to worry about your own way of living. Also that mess you say about you being a prophet, you need to stop lying. Let your aunt rest in peace! Go get some mental help, because YOU need it! You are wasting your life away with hate and that is so sad. Shame on you. God is love. Learn to love!

  27. This is Gossip from a church sissy. Who says he’s not gay. But sure enough, shows the signs of a sissy and Also signs of being a positive HIV persons. This man is sick, he’s wasting in his face. It’s funny how the truth has been coming to light of who he really is in his Youtube videos recently. For example He said, he was named after his aunt Cassietta. Then turn around an make vídeo about changing his name from William to Cassietta. Lmho! Shirley Ceaser has money she worked for. And LeRon Baker is a broke bum who’s trying to Ride off his aunt’s name and legacy. Shame on you Leron!

  28. I’ve read the book and sadly had words with Cassietta Lerone Baker. Though I agree with Lerone with , sometimes looked like his Aunt was over looked..but of a truth he is a very bitter man and I’ve heard him say he was going to destroy the Caravans…Now theirs a war with him and his aunt Katherine Harvey and now I’m having some doubts about this book he wrote which I read. Ms Harvey says nice things about the Caravans..where Lerone acts like he absoutely hates
    them..he write trebbile things about them on his youtube pages one name auntcassietta. Long b/4 Ms Albertina Walker died..he wished her dead and Shirley Caesar.
    This is so sad and it bothers me, that he would verablly denounce them like he has..its not right. His Aunt even denounces him..My heart is broken and sadden ..I pray this come to a good end b/c I love the Caravans…Especially Mama Tina and Mama Dorothy. P.s let me clarify there is one Caravan that C Lerone Baker speasks highly of and that is .Inez Andrews he reffers 2 her as Aunt Inez….He hate the others with a passion!!!!I have put the book away b/c it sadden and depressed me. I hope Mrs Harvey or the family write a book to set the record straight..b/c I believe her.
    if memeory serve me correct she said Lerone wasn’t even born when the Caravans started…and other things he was to young to know.(side-frown)..agree with you A.g

  29. Lerone
    I been looking for you I am very Holy Ghost filled,got know time to lie on the third person of the Lord, Felt his hand already. Yes and now I am trying hard to stay on the right road of the Lord. Tho those who live in darkness like it don’t want no part of the light of God but those who have been called chosen by God knows the difference this is the reason why people love darkness weather than like because their eye are evil that’s what the word say I believe in the word of the Lord they try to change it but like he said he is the beginning and the ending he’s alpha and Omega and I love the Lord with all my heart. But Lorraine I would like to hear from you please if you’re still around I’ve been really searching for you it’s very hard trying to get to you the only thing I haven’t done is to go into the spirit to look for you maybe that would be the next thing to do. I know when I do this when it’s when I’m finished it drains me a lot it takes me days to recruit but anyway I love you dearly I know how hurt it is to have things done to you my God be blessed and try to get in touch with me if you can God bless you and keep you teach your mother Genevieve from the House of Prayer for all people genuinely God bless

    • I’m sorry about the text previously when I’m talking I must try to critique my form because some words are not edited like I want it to be God bless you and keep you Lerone.
      Teacher Mother Jenn