“Overflow” – Bryan Andrew Wilson feat. Roderick Giles & Grace

Bryan Andrew Wilson
Feat. Roderick Giles & Grace
Bryan’s Songs Records (release date: January 2016)

Bryan Andrew Wilson’s forthcoming single “Overflow” falls squarely within the current gospel appetite for brisk, mid-tempo P&W songs with easy to learn melodies and lyrics. As such, it seems ideal for praise team use.

Wilson, along with Roderick Giles & Grace as background vocalists, and the musicians, build incrementally from zero to sixty in dynamics over the course of the four-plus minute selection. Giles, incidentally, formed the Southern Baptist Church (SBC) Chorale, which was a regional champ of Verizon’s “How Sweet the Sound” competition for two consecutive years.

While “Overflow” is not as strong a single in terms of beauty and depth as Wilson’s “Turning Away,” the company gives it their all vocally, particularly at the end, when the drummer goes gonzo in support.

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