Rogina Thomas of Mississippi Mass Choir Passes Away

From D.A. Johnson of Malaco Records:

The Mississippi Mass Choir Family regretfully announces the passing of our beloved singer – Rogina Thomas – on Saturday, December 27, 2008.

Her homegoing service will take place:

Saturday, January 3, 11:00AM

Greater Tree of Life M.B. Church
3102 Monticello Drive, Jackson, MS, 39212,
Rev./Dr. F.L. Blount, Pastor.

Although her signature song was “He Can Fix What is Broke,” Rogina also was lead singer on “He’s Coming Back,” “By Grace,” “You Brought Me,” and “Wise Men Still Seek Him.”

She leaves to cherish her precious memory, her loving husband Bobby Thomas, and daughters, Ronita Thomas and Bonitsha Thomas; and a host of family and friends.

Expressions of condolences can be forwarded to:
The Mississippi Mass Choir Ministries
PO Box 11279
Jackson, MS 39283

(All expressions will be forwarded to the Thomas Family)

Astronomers tells us that there are stars that burned out thousands of years ago, whose light can yet be seen in the celestial sky; Rogina Thomas was such a star.

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  1. Oh wow, I feel very privelage to be the first to leave a comment. Please, don’t be sad for Rogina, she has taken another flight to heaven and she is an angel for the Lord. In order for us to see her again, we should live right as she did so that we will be ready when we get ready to board for our flight. Be blessed encouraged and please make sure you attend the homegoing, Isaac Friday!!

  2. May Mrs. Thomas have a good time in Heaven. She was surely a star. God is well pleased.

  3. I met Rogina through our work experiences. She was one of the most funniest and encouraging person that I have had the pleasure of meet. We will all miss her at the district levels. Rogina brought smiles to our faces when we were working through situations that involved students and testing. She will be sincerely missed but she is one that I am sure is smiling in heaven.

  4. Shae Clayton-Williams

    I’m at work listening to the gospel station and trying to find anything I can on Auntie Gina, a song, a kind word, maybe a picture and I came upon this. My heart aches because I did not have as much time with her as I wanted. I don’t question God cause he knows what’s best. Giny, as my mom called her, was my god-aunt and I have many old memories of the times I used to cry to sit next to her in church. I was only about 3 or 4. She was so funny, always making me laugh! Her immediate and extended family are extremely lucky to have been blessed with her love and presence. Wow! Her song, Fix What is Broke has just come on the radio as I’m typing this. See how God works? God Bless you all!

  5. I am grieved in the passing of Rogina. Having grown up with Rogina and her husband, Bobby as close friends, I know their trust in God has lead Rogina to God’s thrown while that same trust is sustaining Bobby and the family during this time. I will continue in prayer knowing that God has a special way of transforming our heartfelt tears into precious memories.

  6. I Love Rogina so much. I am her sister-in-Law…Bobby’s oldest sister. Rogina is sooooo missed. We were more like sisters. It’s hard to believe she is no longer with us, but she is forever in our hearts. I am going to miss her big smile and cheerful laughter. Christmas is one of our family’s Highlights of the year. We gather all together at my mom’s(Mudear)home to share gifts and eat a big, big dinner prepared by my mother and the women (like the movie,Soul Food). Rogina’s special dish was Green Bean Casserole. Pulling names for the gift giving was Rogina’s idea becasue the family is so big in mumber. If it be God’s will, Christmas 2009 is coming and also the first one without her..but all will be okay because she is with Jesus. Thank’s to everyone who showed love to our family, for truly we felt it, and it kept us strong.

    • I loved the song He can fix what is broke. So much so that i decided to look up the lead singer. I wanted to meet her only to find out she died. Made me feel so so sad.

      I love the Southern down home choirs.
      Sincerely Dawn Brown.

  7. To the Thomas family, may God heal your broken hearts. Today is 02/23/11 and I just finished listening to “He Can Fix What Is Broken.” What an anointed voice that God used and is still using to guide his people through the turbulent times of life. Family be encouraged, and I know that the years have passed, but Mrs. Rogina Thomas is still working on this side of the grave for the Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed be the name of Jesus and the gift of her melodic voice that he continues to share with the world. May God Bless You Is My Prayer!

  8. This is 2011 and I had heard the song before and it ministered to a whole congregation during our District Conference a few years ago. With as many times, listening to my favorite choir, Mississippi Mass, I was able to hear Ms. Thomas sing this song….that was her song, she shared it with us, to remind us that God can fix anything, he can do anything. To the family, you have no idea who I am other than another child of God, whom your momma, wife, daughter, auntie, sibling, cousin, friend, ministered to. My heart ached when I realized she had passed away. God brought Jesus back to him sooner than some, as he did Rogina, he had an awesome task in Heaven for her but like Jesus, she’s not gone and she’s busy up there. Hallelujah, praying and watching over all of you.

  9. I’m just now finding about this beautiful spirit (thanks to Youtube). Her voice touched my spirit. I am aware that years have gone by, but my prayers are still with this family. I pray that over time, the pain will lessen and you’ll find peace in knowing that she in resting just beyond the river 🙂

  10. I to new regina. She was my friend. I met her when her and her family lives in Denver Colorado. Every time I hear a song that she sang the spirit of the Lord comes over me. I truly miss her. God continue to be with you Bobby and the young ladies at this time. Your friend Willie Dews from Colorado.

  11. Soon I will teach this song to my youth choir and just cannot get through it all the way—the JOY in my
    heart just keeps overfilling me. I went to research the lead singer who has taken my JOY and ushered me
    into the prescence of the Lord. I wanted to send her a message to thank her for blessing me. The message is soooo needed for hurting broken unsaved people today and I am excited to use it as an Evangelistic tool
    to bring hurting people to Christ. Wow what a difference 1 person can make for Jesus!!!

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