“Shelter From the Storm” – Donnie C

“Shelter From the Storm”
Donnie C
Kingdom Records (2013)
God is the ultimate umbrella, and Donnie C is feeling “blessed to have shelter in times of stormy weather.”  Although this inspirational slow jam from Donnell Charlton (aka Donnie C) has a rainy day feel to it, the message is about escaping the rain in the sanctuary of the savior.
From Portsmouth, Virginia, singer-songwriter and keyboard player Donnie C sang with his family group, the Gospel Swannetts, before developing his own neo-soul vocal style.  “Shelter From the Storm” is from his forthcoming sophomore album, Shelter.

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  1. Enjoyed studying this, very good stuff.

  2. Thank God for artist such as Donnie C. I had the chance of seeing the video to his ne song and it is awesome. We need gospel music like this. Not the screaming and squalling all the time means you anointed. Donnie C has a special anointing on his vocals, music and life!!!!

    Thank you Black Gospel Blog for posting this.

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