“Still Here” – Travis Greene

“Still Here”
Travis Greene
From the Pendulum Records CD Stretching Out (release date: June 8, 2010)

“Still Here” by Travis Greene is not just a title, it’s a testimony.

It started at the age of four, when Greene fell out of a window in Germany and was pronounced dead – white sheet over his lifeless body and all – but, as the old song goes, he had a praying mother.

So not only is Greene still here, he’s also singing about the trials and temptations he encountered later on, as a young man. “If the devil could kill me, he would have done it by now…the devil lost another one,” he declares on “Still Here.” In a bright and lively call and response with his background vocalists, Greene encourages everyone to resist devilment and rely on the Lord’s saving power. And if anyone knows saving grace firsthand, it’s Travis Greene.

The single is on Greene’s album Stretching Out, to be released next week on Ruben Rodriguez’ Pendulum Records.

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  1. May God continue to bless you. I am so proud of you. Keep on doing the good works of the Lord.

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