TBGB Pick of the Week: February 11, 2013

“God Do It”
Lisa Knowles & the Brown Singers (2012)
Alescia “Lisa” Knowles & the Brown Singers count on God to do it.  
We can count on the female quartet from Memphis to create “little country church” gospel music, such as “God Do It,” that sets feet to tapping and hands to clapping. 
“God Do It” features energetic antiphonal singing between Lisa and the Brown Singers on the classic phrase about the constancy of God: “If God can’t do it, nobody can.”  Halfway through, Lisa calls for having “a little church” and begins testifying until she bursts into full evangelist mode.
A sought-after gospel duet partner, Lisa Knowles joined the Brown Singers on the live CD, Experience the Evolution – Live, in 2008.

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