Tracy Worth – Powerful Release for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

From Bridget Fleury:

Tracy sat quietly in the small room waiting for the results of the lastest MRI. She was a bit anxious because she couldn’t figure out the need for a “special room” or the need to have two people tell her the results of one test.

January 5, 2009, she was excited about all the possibilities that come with a new year. She had plans to be a blessing to someone in 2009. She thought about the lump in her left breast, the size of a gumball. She thought about the mammogram that didn’t detect it. She thought about how important it is for other women to get their yearly mammograms at healthcare services similar to Southwest Care, ( to help prevent the inevitable, even though it hadn’t worked for her. She thought about her family. She thought about Multiple Sclerosis and the shot she had to take three times a week to keep her body in remission. She thought about hope and her faith in God. Then she thought, “How could one woman be so lucky?” The nurse and the radiologist entered the room.

“Tracy, your results came back positive. You have pre-cancer, stage 0. From what we can tell it hasn’t invaded your body yet and that’s a good thing. We need for you to see a surgeon so we can remove it before it breaks through.”

Two weeks later, stage 0 jumped to stage 2 and another MRI showed the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes. Thus began her journey… surgery, chemo, radiation, lots of tears and prayers. Not forgetting the different types of pain that she will experience throughout her journey. As a result, she may have been told that having a look for something similar to the best CBD oil UK products and brands that she can find could help to make a slight difference to her physical and emotional wellbeing during the hardest fight of her life. Products that can help one through these times, like Blessed CBD oil or any other brand, are a wonderful thing. Still, she never knew her own strength or worth, until she met cancer and found the strength to face it all because “Christ Is All.

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