Oakland, CA Catholic Church seeks Gospel Music Director

From Donna Stoering Anderson:

We are seeking all experienced African-American Gospel Music directors to apply to fill the shoes of our wonderful, nationally-renowned Rawn Harbor who needs, for family reasons, to move cross country just as soon as we can find his replacement! 

The role of Music Director at our church requires an experienced, musical organist/pianist, choral conductor (30 person Gospel choir), arranger and organizer/administrator who will work together with the liturgist and faith coordinators at our African American Catholic church of St. Columba in the diocese of Oakland, California. Your PT position would include playing piano/organ for three services/Masses each weekend (one on Saturday afternoon and two on Sunday mornings) along with conducting weekly choir rehearsals and choosing the music for services. 

Applicants are invited from anywhere in the country, and semi-finalists will be chosen based on resume and phone interviews, with the 2-3 finalists being expected to come to Oakland for a live audition, accompanying the Gospel choir on the piano during a Mass. 

Applicants are not required to be Catholic, and those not familiar with planning music as part of the Catholic liturgy will be expected/able to work alongside the Pastor and liturgical directors for at least the first year, or until the process is fully learned.  Many of the church congregation come from Baptist churches and other Christian denominations because they love the welcoming warmth, social justice focus/ministry and lively faith-filled services at this congregation. 

Thank you, and God bless,
  • Contact:  Donna Stoering Anderson
  • email:  aanderson@listenforlife.org   (and cc to  dstoering@listenforlife.org)
  • phone for further info:  call Andy Anderson  at  510 910 4623
  • all resumes sent to the emails above will be reviewed with the Pastor and relevant staff for the Music Director Selection committee immediately

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