JGM Pick of the Week: June 22, 2015

lorraine stancil“Something About That Name”
Lorraine Stancil
Anointed Sounds Records (2015)

I’m rather stoked about the recent release of so many traditional-style gospel singles, including this one by Psalmist Lorraine Stancil-Lawson.

Product of the Pentecostal church, Psalmist Stancil is known to kick off her shoes just like Shirley Caesar, and on “Something About that Name,” she shouts and squalls like Pastor Caesar in full throes of sanctified passion. Stancil’s call and response with the background vocalists/choir heightens the tension to the point where she emits a couple of dog whistle soprano notes.

Also like Caesar, Lorraine Stancil-Lawson has entered the ministry. She is licensed and ordained, receiving certification in Biblical Studies from the Alpha Bible institute in Nutley, New Jersey, and graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Religious Education from the R.N. Jones Ministerial Institute in Paterson, New Jersey.

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